Thursday, 18 August 2011

43rd Birthday at the 60th Parallel!

It's my 43rd birthday today, and what better way to celebrate than to be travelling with my family around the world? We've already settled quickly into life in Finland, with the boys set up at a good gymnastics club on the easter side of Helsinki. Juha and Heikki were kind enough to give me a lab jumper for my birthday, and we had some chocolate croissants for a birthday treat at home.

I was wandering around this evening and stumbled upon an UEFA Cup soccer match between the top Finnish team (HLK) and a German team (Schalke). 30 min before game time and the drumming, chanting, and singing was already in full roar! From the rocks nearby where I am, you can sit for free and see about 1/3 of the field, so there were a lot of people there watching and drinking. HLK ended up winning 2-0, scoring just as I left.



    "what better way to celebrate than to both be with my family and also be a world away?"- hahah! That could be interpreted a few different ways:)