Tuesday, 30 August 2011

More Chocolate Delights and the cucumber meltdown!

Posted by Zachary and Jacob about Saturday

By Zachary
More chocolates at the Old Market! Believe it or not, but those are chocolate potatoes there are also the fish wrapped in tinfoil. Aren't the potatoes a good imitation they actually have "dirt" on them! then there is a whole tool set with the wrenches and some bolts. I think there are a lot more on the Flicker album, there was even a baby bottle.

More Pictures from Finland!

Videos and pictures from Night of the Arts!

On the left we are doing a handstand on the island of Suomenlinaa in front of one of the residential buildings. on the right is a picture of Jacob showing how small the door is! It is an optical illusion the door is actually only less than a meter behind Jacob. Suomenlinaa means "Finland's Castle" and was an fortress first built when it was a part of Sweden in 1748 to guard the entrance to Tallinn. There are four islands connected by bridges and cobbled streets, with lots of different museums like a submarine, a former prison, and a Naval Academy. There was a wedding at the big church too. It was free to take the city ferry across with our transit passes.

Here we are goofing off by the water
On the left we are doing a handstand in a tunnel at the end you can't see any thing so we sent a flash of the camera down the stairs and saw that there was a "do not come down the stairs" sign where you wouldn't notice it at the bottom of the stairs. On the right we are standing in one of the windows of the castle.

Here if you can believe it these are strawberry hats there were also blueberry hats behind.
 by Jacob
For lunch I made the wrong choice between soup and  a sandwich with cucumber  (which I hate) and so I had a cucumber meltdown.  


  1. I WANT A STRAWBERRY HAT!!!!!! Or else I will have a cucumber melt down! hahaha. So are the fish and the potatoes chocolate? Finland is beginning to sound more and more like my kind of place - chocolate everything, silly contests, and jousting with fire. I don't think it can get any better than that:-) Too bad you didn't go down the stairs and get a hand stand photo with that sign in the back ground - haha! And having just written that, I have now confirmed why people like me do not have children. If I did, the would all grow up to be anarchists. But not the kind that set fire to police cars - the kind that in the stealth of night break into historic buildings and do much needed repairs to keep their heritage from crumbling despite enormous government cut backs.
    So have you found any chocolate lego or Star Wars stuff? imagine if you found a chocolate lego Star Wars kit!!! Of course it would be impossible to put together since we would never be able to resist eating the pieces.

  2. I also did not realize Finland was the "Land of Chocolate everything". Maybe that is why Helsinki made it on the list as one of the top ten "most liveable" cities in the world. It is number 7. That list was just released today.

    For what it is worth, the list goes: 1)Melbourne 2)Vienna 3)Vancouver 4)Toronto 5) Calgary

    With you guys goofing around by the water doing handstands, I am surprised you still had your Crocs on. I was sure one of you would have a Croc go flying off into the water as you kick up. Oh well, I guess they float if it did go into the water.

    Since the Jedi Queen and I are heading off to France shortly, maybe we should start our own "handstand photo series". But since we can't do handstands, maybe we would have to come up with a difference theme. Any suggestions?

  3. Well you could take around a stuffed animal or one of the yorkies!

  4. Actually, I have a mini Yoda and a mini Darth Maul I am planning to take for photo ops in Paris:-)