Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Helsinki's a Joke(rit)!

Here we are in Finland, the 4th country of our EU adventures and the first official research stop for me. I'm working at U Helsinki with Juha Peltonen and Heikki Tikkanen on a project on hypoxia and acute mountain sickness. We arrived Monday to a rainy day, so what better way to get oriented than having me get the family completely lost wandering the downtown? We did eventually make it to the main part of downtown and the massive Stockmann store, 8 stories high! Actually 10+ if you count that it has floors -1, -1A also!
Finland is pretty much as hockey-mad as Canada, and the local team is Helsinki Jokerit (Jokers). Here's Jacob modelling the far-less-than-intimidating jersey - about as scary as a maple leaf!