Thursday, 25 August 2011

Meeting our new friends

Yesterday we met our new friends from church.Their names are Samuel, Lucas, Daniel, and Anne Carolina. We took the train from Helsinki station to the Kyrola (with two dots over the o and the a.) They met us at the train station we and we went to their house. We started with an opening game of Risk (that was never finished),  in the middle we had a snack. We played Risk a long time and then before that was finished we decided to go do Lego. Then we played a Quest game (which usually takes a few months to finish) where you make a city and then you have to make a player. Then you start getting jobs and getting money to buy things. After that we played on the trampoline and had a second snack. Then we took the train back to the Helsinki station.


  1. Glad to hear that you guys met some new friends there.

  2. Just remember when you play Risk - "The Ukraine is NOT weak!!""
    Personally, I like to concentrate all my troops in Australia. No one ever wants it for any strategic purposes and who wants to fight a war when you can SURF!!!
    Don't mention Lego around Uncle Crabby. He is getting very grumbley over how many more pop cans he has to collect to buy the millennium falcon. He needs 150,000 cans and so far, I think he only as about 4 dozen.
    Are you and your new friends going to eat loginberry ice cream and have sauna contests? hahah Have fun!

  3. Yes I also think that Australia is the best place to have because Siam is the only way to get it.

  4. I still have to learn how to play Risk. I have it on my iPad. Maybe I'll learn while flying to France this Fall. Then I can play you guys.

    This game of Quest sounds more like the "game of life". Just like life, it goes on for a long time as well.

    I actually returned some cans and bottles today at the bottle depot. Got back $12.10 So the Millennium Falcon fund is starting. Still have a long ways to go, though. Maybe I need to hold a bottle drive in the neighbourhood. Ah, more things I have to do.

  5. Please help me for Christ sake

  6. Uh... who's the new guy with what I am hoping is a bad case of proper English syntax?