Tuesday, 2 August 2011

more museum blitz!

Today was much like yesterday. We used our Oslo pass some more. First, we went to the Oslo Reptile Park. There were even a few tarantulas and marmosets and a parrot! There were a lot of reptiles such as the Phantom Poison Frog, Red Tailed Racer, African Soft Shelled Turtle, Goliath bird eating spider, Bearded dragon, and those are only a few. They even had piranhas (if they don't get fed enough they will eat each other). Then we went to the Museum of Design where there is a lamp that is in the shape of a parrot. Then we went missed a few bus stops before getting to the International Museum of Children's Art where kids as young as 3 painted pictures and they collected them. Then we missed another bus and had to wait about 5 minutes for the next bus to take us to the Castle but the Castle closed before we got there so we went to the Armed Forces Museum. The last museum we went to was the Nobel Peace Museum then we took the transit home.

On the left is a picture at the Children's Museum of Art and on the right is a picture of the parrot lamp that was from the Museum of Design.

Some handstands at the castle.

This is called an Axolotl. It was at the Reptile Museum.

After the Museum of design we went to the Frognerbadet water park where at the low diving board I tried to do a front flip but ended out doing a 1 and a quarter flip. These Norwegians are crazy. You have to pay to get into the waterpark and you have to pay 2 dollars cad for one ride on the waterslide when you can kill yourself for free on the diving boards!

Here is Jacob beside a mine at the Museum of Armed Forces.

Note: we will not be posting again untill after sunday because we are going to Olaf's cabin which doesn't have internet.


  1. Have fun at the cabin. We will miss your blogs:-( I have to be honest - I don't think there actually is a cabin. I think Olaf is taking you down a not so high quality gravel road to a place where he "wants" a cabin. Then for the next 4 days you will be chopping trees and building it for him.

  2. I concur with the Jedi Queen on that one!

  3. There was a cabin and we swam in the ocean a few times.