Saturday, 20 August 2011

Can't believe it!

August 15 Monday 2011
Today we arrived if Finland by ferry. The ferry left Stockholm at 5:00 pm and arrived in Helsinki  at 10:00 then we met Juha and Heikki who daddy will be working with for the next 2 and a half months and we went to the apartment together the apartment wasn't ready until 2:00 so we went for lunch with Juha and Heikki. After lunch the apartment was ready so we explored there and we went downtown to Stockmanns. That is a 10 floor store with 8 floors and then -1 and -1a since we lost one of the European adapters in Stockholm some day we bought a new one there.

August 16 Tuesday 2011
Today we went back downtown and looked around some more then we went to the main metro station to get bus passes but we needed photo ID to get the personalized pass and mom didn't bring it for us so we waited until tomorrow. We  also found a good gym so we also went there today and talked to our coach called Simir the gym is in a big sports complex at the far end in an enclosed area the doors are locked so people don't come and play around.

August 18 Thursday 2011
Today was daddy's 43rd birthday! and daddy went to work and Juha and Heikki gave him a University of Helsinki sweater. this afternoon we went to gym again. Then we had chocolate croissants for daddy's birthday dessert.

August 19 Friday 2011
Today daddy took us to show us his lab we went home and and then took the metro to gym from 5:00 to 8:00

This is from August 15 At lunch with Juha and Heikki where I had the Chicken that is in the picture, Jacob had a Pizza, daddy had Salmon, and mommy had Goat Cheese Salad.
As you can see here there is another Jokerit jersey.
On the left is the taxi that took us to the apartment and on the right is a very white National Cathedral.

Here on the left is us doing a handstand on the main deck of the ferry from Stockholm to Helsinki and on the right is us with our bus passes and the Helsinki bus map behind.


  1. So.... can I put in an order for one Finnish Viking drummer? I only ask because it seems like you already have acquired one of your own:-) The gym you are going to sounds really intense. Locked doors so no one comes in and plays around? wow! You better not giggle while doing gymnastics. You might get banned for life!!! I think Uncle Crabby would do well at that gym because he is very serious. Jaybob - it sounds like the only food you eat is pizza and gyros with tentacles. Perhaps while you are in Finland you might expand your food repertoire to include things like gravlox, Karelian pasty, and sea buckthorn. Maybe the occasional dish of Lihapullat or Hapanvelli? Or pehaps you could get REALLY daring and go for the Perunamuusi :-) With all the saunas in the country (over 1.8 million) I bet you and your dad could do some pretty interesting heat experiments. I hear that in Finland they have a wife tossing and cell phone tossing contest each year. I think it runs concurrent with the cow tipping and mosquito squishing festival. See if you are around - maybe you could enter one of the contests!!!

  2. So, Jaybob, did you know there is a strange dude standing behind you in the picture of you and your Mom at the top of the blog? I don't know if I would trust him with the strange T-shirt he is wearing! :-)

    I also see the cool picture of you guys doing handstands on the ferry. What's up with the "Happy Lobster" sign that is behind Zachary? Since we are talking about Happy Lobster, there was a story in the newspaper about how a woman in California who works for a seafood distribution company received her regular shipment of lobsters. In the shipment, she found a lobster that was estimated to be 75 yrs old and weighed 8kg. She made every efforts to save it so it wouldn't end up on someone's dinner plate. So she eventually found a home for it in New York City. It is now at the NYC Aquarium out at Coney Island. Come to think of it, the Jedi Queen and I have actually visited this aquarium! It was probably a couple of years ago. So next time you are in the neighbourhood of Coney Island, NY, go visit the 75 yr old lobster. (And have a Nathan's Coney Island hot dog on me. But don't go entering the hot dog eating contest that is held there on the 4th of July. That's sort of gross!)

    Love, Uncle Crabby