Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Norwegian Dining

Norwegians have an unique view of sandwiches...


  1. I had a little laugh at the end of that.

  2. AHAHAHAHH! So vikings eat sandwiches like oreo cookies? Is part of the viking sandwich experience wearing it in your lap? Strange eating customs indeed! xooxxo

    PS. Just got home an hour ago and got your tentacles post card!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  3. Yes. Thanks so much for the post card!!! Got the one from that showed the octopi hung from a clothes line.

    Was that the "outtake" video? Must have got sent the bloopers instead. Ha Ha!

    Actually, the Jedi Queen made me some Norwegian styled sandwiches after some of my bike rides in Penticton last week. Yummy!

  4. yes and Uncle Crabby even dropped them in true Norwegian style!!!

  5. Cool! love to hear about the norweigan sandwiches. aren't the Octopi Funny?