Monday, 22 August 2011

The Chocolatey Coating Makes it Go Down Better!

First part posted by Zachary, captions by Jacob:

This is why they call them Finns!
Sunday we went to church and tonight we went to the newcomers tea for the church. At the end we went outside and noticed that it was pouring rain. Really the only way to explain it is to say that there was lakes in the middle of the street and the gutters were water-falls! We got out the door and it was just pouring down so we just ran. We were just in time to get a bus. We got to Kampi and then we got soaked going 30 metres to the T3 tram stop. When we got off the tram we just started to sprint but when I noticed my feet were under-water we started to back out and stood in the tram stop while dad decided what to. First he decided that when the light turned green we should sprint down and across the street and then said scratch that and we just tried to jump across a lane's worth of a puddle and sprinted across the flooded road and park where we were when we got home we were wringing out clothes and there was water in our shoes. But as Olaf would say, "That's NOTHING!'

On the right is a picture of chocolate salami and on the left is a picture of chocolate egg and cheese they are very cool. They would make a good sandwich on chocolate bread with Nutella for butter!
On the left is chocolate bolts they are cool because it actually looks like they have rust. On the right is a chocolate golf ball even though I don't like golf it is still cool.
This is a picture of chocolate key I wonder where they lead?


  1. Looks like child labor is alive and well in Finland!! I hope you charge extra Jaybob for wringing out wet socks before bed time. Most kids get a story and a glass of milk and cookies. But you get "sock patrol". HAHAHAHAH THAT'S NOTHING - Last week Uncle Crabby rode his bike home from work and got caught in a hail storm. Hail the size of golf balls pummeled him and the streets flooded. I he took more hits than Lance Armstrong did after Tyler Hamilton interview on 60 minutes. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm - all that cheese. I LOVE CHEESE!! 26 days until we are in France and the first thing I am going to do is eat unpasteurized cheese and drink champagne!!!!!! You know, maybe it rained so hard last night because God was crying - Jack Layton died:-)

  2. That's much better than stinky cheese, that's CHOCOLATE cheese!

  3. Previously I had wondered why the Helsinkians needed to take a boat to get to church, but possibly it's to navigate the lakes on the street from the rain.

    Nah, I guess not, you mentioned a bus.

  4. Well the buses were almost buried and a boat would help. It would be like Venice!

  5. Oh and nice photo of the Sith Lord with Jar Jar:-)

  6. A boat?!?! I think it is a sign from above to build an Ark!!! Assemble the animals!

    And Jaybob, I couldn't quite make it out. Did you say in the video you were wringing out Zach's socks or Dad's socks? Either way, hope they weren't too stinky.

    They sure have cool looking chocolates in Finland. I've never seen chocolates shaped like nuts and bolts or a key before.

  7. hi its colin from kerrigan gymnastics

  8. We saw some interesting things made of chocolate in Brugge:-)
    Hi Unknown Colin!! Welcome to the blog!!!!