Thursday, 10 May 2012

Beach Day

The same day we went to San Marino, we also visited several beaches in the towns of Cattolica and Pesaro. It was certainly preseason for the beaches but the weather was nice enough for the boys to dig in the sand and for us to walk along the beach. You could see that it would be an insanely popular spot as soon as the warmer weather comes.

Our Tuscan Flickr

Olaf was especially keen to visit Cattolica, as it was the destination of his first international travel destination. When he was 10 years old, he came here with his school band. We found the hotel where he stayed and the arcade where he played video games. The hotel was closed for renovations and the locals were clearly entertained by this ban of foreigners taking pictures of an older, slightly rundown hotel. There's Olaf on the left packing very lightly as always: a heavy backpack full of camera gear, spare lenses, you'd think he was expecting to find Dag-Otto Lauritzen again (inside joke from our visit with Olaf to Grimstad last August)!

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