Friday, 11 May 2012

Debbie's Birthday

May 1st is a National Holiday in Italy and my birthday. The day started with Jacob cooking me breakfast. Then, I opened a photo album and book from Mom and Dad and Kindle books from Olaf. Stephen had also smuggled back a great, big stack of cards and letters from my friends in Canada and I had a sentimental time opening and reading them all.

Our Tuscan Flickr!

Since the museums and businesses were all closed today, we had a quiet, relaxing day at La Tornaia. A thunderstorm in the afternoon even prevented us from going hiking. In the evening, we had dinner at the local restaurant in the village - which somehow specializes in seafood despite our being up in the hills and pretty much in the middle of Italy - and on Wednesday spent the day at Florence - mostly at the Uffizi Gallery and walking around the city.


  1. Happy Birthday Debbie! Tuscany is certainly the right place to spend it in. We enjoyed your pictures! We absolutely adored Tuscany and Italy. Are you heading to Cinque Terre or Amalfi Coast? Both are quite amazing!

  2. Thanks Martin. We didn't get to Cinque Terre or Amalfi Coast, spending our time relaxing at the villa instead of too many trips. We ended our Italian stay with a few days in Rome, and the blogs for those are starting! But you're completely right - Tuscany and Italy really are amazing!