Friday, 25 May 2012

Der Dutch Commuter Bikes

How can you not love a country where bikes have right of way over cars? Yes it's true, at the numerous roundabouts and crosswalks, cyclists have legal right of way over cars! With a country that largely pan-flat, why wouldn't you bike whenever possible? Indeed, the whole country is pretty much one big bike lane, with well marked lanes with their own traffic signals.
Biking here isn't just something to do for fitness or for the hard-core, it's just an everyday way of life. Instead of a Sunday drive, couples would be out on the bike paths on their bikes. Same with just getting anywhere from A-B, whether it's for groceries, getting to work, or just going around town. How cool is this - Amersfoort has a few FREE secure underground bike parking lots throughout the city!
We've been extremely fortunate that the Roetens have two adult commuter bikes in the shed for us. The video shows what's cool about Dutch commuter bikes.
Even more fortunate, the local bike shop in Hoogland were so very kind enough to lend the boys bikes for our stay here - bedankt Collette!
So what are you waiting for? Get on your bike!

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