Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Finding the Nemo

On May 19 we went to Amsterdam and the first place we went was the Nemo which is a big science center (I don't know why it's called the Nemo because it is not orange or white and is not shaped like a fish,) but it was very interesting there was  a ball factory were there were a few people scanning the balls and a few people packaging them.
Zach inside a big bubble on the left. People always say that Zach and I look alike. Well, on the right is what would happen if you actually did put us together!
When we were there there was also  a rubiks cube competition (they can do it with one hand in under 30 seconds!) and there was a workshop that we went to that teaches you a way to do a rubiks cube without failure except we didn't have enough time to finish it. And you can't be in Amsterdam without taking a picture along the canals - so we didn't!

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