Sunday, 27 May 2012

Jacob's fishy story

There was once a nice little fishy that liked the world where he lived but the only problem was that in the world where he lived water when it froze shrank and did not expand so it would not just freeze the surface of the water, but the winters in that world where not as long as in our world but then one year the little fishy was in his little anenome watching the FBC (fish broadcasting company,) and when it came to the weather channel usually his favorite part he got a bit scared because the weather fish said that that winter was going to be a very long winter.  So for the rest of the summer he was always thinking of how to avoid the long winter that was about to come and finally he  found a plan, when the winter came and all the fish were hiding in their anenomes. He lived in a big group of lakes so he went out and went on land and  went from lake to lake until he got to a lake where it would be like any usual winter. And when he got there he found a good comfortable anenome and stayed there the rest of his life.

This was part of my science project... And the below is great weather for ducks and fishes...

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