Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Most Serene Republic of San Marino

On Friday night we went to the republic of San Marino, our family's 14th country on this trip! The country is only 61km2. San Marino is surrounded by Italy and is located on a mountain named Mount Titano. Mount Titano is on the east side of the Apennines. It was founded in the 4th century by the monk Saint Marinus of Rab.

Mommy and Daddy making small talk after supper at the main square (right). At another table were an older couple, and it turns out they were Canadians and he studied at Dalhousie! They live in Houston now but are on vacation for a few weeks.
We went for a walk up the rest of the big hill after supper, some of us walking on our hands. Check out the cool house and front garden on the right!
There are 3 Castelli on the 3 peaks of Mount Titano, castello means castle. San Marino has a population of ~30,000 and has NO National debt. During WWII the Sammarinese (Or the people of San Marino) protected 100,000 Jews.

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  1. San Marino is quite something. We had an amazing time. I read that they somehow managed to be spared in majority of the wars including when Napoleon came to conquer. I'm sure it has something to do with the fortifications but regardless, it is quite amazing that such a place was spared. We had a great stay here.