Monday, 26 March 2012

Kites with Andreas

Last Sunday we made a kite with Andreas and it was a bit hard because we could not always get the dimensions right, So finally we got the skeleton ready so we put the paper on top and stapled it down so that it would stay, and finally got to do the easiest part wich was the tail. But when we tried to fly it we had a few minor problems but it flew pretty well. The tail are all the paper strings at the bottom of this picture, which are on a big long string.
 The big trick was getting the three rods tied together so that they were exactly the same length edges, or else the kite would spin too much in flight. It took us a few tries and the help of Mommy's Khan Academy trigonometry to figure things out! Decorating the kite was much easier!
 Here I am decorating the kite. Check out my new "Smiling Fish" JWC signature: there's the J for the ears, the tail is the W, and the body of the fish is the C!

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