Thursday, 29 March 2012

Befunky Madness!!

We got this website from our aunt or known on our blog as the "Jedi Queen." It is called befunky, and is a website for changing pictures like what you can see on this post. The Jedi queen is giving us picture assignments and we have to get a picture of that and make it funky!!
We sent this picture on the left to some of our friends on St. Patricks day and on the right is one of our writing assignments. The assignment was one where we nedded to make funky feet, you may remember this daddy's feet picture from Norway.
all three of these pictures here are pictures taken and funkied by the Jedi Queen. The top right and the bottom left are pictures of her dogs Yoda and Chewbacka or as a short form for Chewbacka we call him chewie or chewbear.
 The bottom right is a picture from Banff and the top left is a picture from Mexico.
And here is a Ted Talk on Impossible Photography from Sweden who puts different photos together on Photoshop and makes really neat realistic but strange photographs that way. His name is Eric Johansson and he can make very neat photos.

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  1. Great TED link!!! Eric Johansson is a real inspiration and a self taught artist. We are in good company! Keep it FUNKY!!!