Thursday, 8 March 2012

World Education Games

These last three days have been the worlds education days where on the first day you can do up to 50 games on spelling the second you can do 50 games of math and the third day you can do 50 games of science.
Science day is a lot different than spelling and math. Me and Zach and Mom didn't do that well at math, Mom came in 67th in spelling and me and Zach weren't on the Hall of Fame, and Science started Today.
Here's Mommy and Zachary competing during Science Day. Mommy got 67th overall out of many thousands on the Hall of Fame for spelling!
What do you think - how do you like my Tintin hairstyle, and do I look anything like my avatar?


  1. You totally rock the tin tin look Jaybob:-) And your Avatar is pretty cool too - has that retro "Speed Racer" thing going on. Have fun with your science games today. I think if you have your good luck tin tin hair do and scarf on you will be certain to place in the top ten percentile. Too bad there are not any World Art Day competitions because you would win for sure in those ones!!! GOOD LUCK PADOWINS!!! Make the Empire proud:-)