Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Pyli Walk - Dry Edition

Last Saturday (Pro-ee-OO-mi-no Savvato), we took advantage of the glorious weather (bright sun with not a cloud in the sky, >15oC) to take a walk across the other side of the Pyli bridge. Meanwhile, both Andreas and Andres wasted the best weather of the year sick! As you can see, the weather was nice enough to break out the shorts again, although all the Greeks looked at us as lunatics.
We've bought a pink "Zdenek Stybar" bike (bike = po-THEE-la-to) for Zach to ride, and borrowed Irene's bike. So whenever the weather's been nice, we've been riding to the lab and also to gymnastics.
The wall of rock on the trail made for a lot of fun for the boys to reacquaint themselves with their rock climbing skills. I really like this picture of Jacob on the left with the red rock and the late afternoon sun. Lots of cool ridges and stone bridges to explore too!
 Another in the series of Jacob's action shots...
 Zach took his sleeveless tee out of mothballs too! Look at that firepower!
When you're bored of mountains, there's always the really cool bridge and river to look at, with the added bonus of Debbie posing on the right.

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