Monday, 12 March 2012

My Life in Greek!

Blog Post #200!!!
Last Thursday (Pro-ee-oo-mi-no Pemptee), Nick and Litsa asked me to give a talk about my career as a scientist to Litsa's high school class at the 3rd Gymnasium (High School #3) here in Trikala. I was a bit nervous at first when preparing and thinking about what to say, as Litsa didn't really give me any input into what to talk about. So Wednesday night, I figured I'd forestall any uncertainty by using it as an opportunity to talk about the fun life I have through science, and also at the same time really go Greek immersion.
For better or worse, here's the result! I'm trying to say that I'm a scientist and professor at a university in Canada. I hope that's what came out!

It turned out to be a lot of fun. I showed photos from many of the cool places I've biked, studied, and travelled through science, while at the same time telling them about the hard work involved. The students (about 20 15 year olds) were very keen and enthusiastic, helping me finish some Greek words/phrases, asking lots of questions about what a scientist does. Think it was a good sign that they were helping me finish words but basically knew what I was saying!

Looking at arranging a field trip for the students to the lab here, especially now that we finally have all the equipment to start our experiment.

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