Thursday, 22 March 2012

Pyli Walk - Very Wet Edition

Two Saturdays ago, in the middle of the wet 10 days of heavy rains, we went with Caroline (visiting student from South Africa) to Pyli again but this time it was pouring rain and the path was flooded at one point. But we still had a lot of fun, especially because we ended up driving up to Elati for that yummy hot chocolate again! Jacob went for the spicy hot pepper chocolate and I went for the mint.

A different type of boat race down the river

Lots of goats tracks all along the path in the left picture. On the right shows the water pouring over the trail.
The trees on the left looks like something from Lord of the Rings...
Back at Pyli bridge!


  1. Do you EVER take that hat off Zach? Its like your Dad and his Pez shirt. The Lord of the Rings trees is a great photo. I feel some Be Funky coming on.... Is it on flickr so I can poach it? haha!! Maybe you, me and Jaybob can do a triptych using that photo once Jaybob actually researches what that means:-)

  2. Sjoe and was it wet but lots of fun. Thanks again to the Cheung family. Hope the rest of the travels going well.
    Best wishes Caroline
    PS I managed to watch TinTin on my flight back, enjoyed it, but expect it would have been even better in 3D.