Saturday, 3 March 2012

Snowboarding with Andreas

This Friday (Paraskevi), we went to Vasilitsa with Andreas for snowboarding. We had been planning this for a couple of weeks but the weather (too much snow to drive up!) and such got in the way. The road was super-windy for 2h to drive up, but we didn't need to put chains on. The weather was great it was totally sunny until about 2:30 but then there was a really strong wind.
At the rental shop they didn't have helmets so we just had to wear our cool hats - the spikes will protect us, right? On the right is a picture of the three of us (me, Jacob, and dad) on the top of the mountain.
On the left is me and Andreas with an awesome background behind and on the right Jacob is braving a slope that Andreas hadn't even tried.
Here on the left is me and dad on the chair lift, and on the right is the 2 Professors. You can always see Andreas in that jacket. After lunch me and Andreas did some off trailing but Andreas had checked it out a little before lunch. Daddy looks puny but that's because Andreas is hiding lots of body armour underneath. He still did a few face plants and got a cut on his nose from his goggles.


  1. Wow! That is some serious wind happening!! I was waiting for the part in the video where Jaybob becomes airborne due to the gale forces. Hmmmmmm - no helmets? That's a TBI waiting to happen. Funny how you just have your Devil with a Mohawk and Funky Porcupine hats as insulation and Andreas the Giant has full body armor. Is there something he isn't telling you about this mountain? First the Donner party mountain drive and now full body armor in an AIDS quilt jacket? I think he may be after dad's job and secretly planning a mountain accident. Be wary if he shows up with goodies - you know what they say about Greeks bearing gifts..... And for the record, your dad is puny - he has the skeletal frame of a Calvin Kienn model - a female model:-) Tell him he needs to man up and eat more celery pie to bulk up.

  2. that first scene on the video reall reminds me of Thompson and Thomson