Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Makrinitsa Mountain Village

On Saturday (St. Paddy's Day) we went to Macrenezia with Andres Carrillo. It is about 90 min drive from Trikala, up high in the Pilio Mountains above the town of Volos (that's Volos way below and in the back in the left picture). This is on the path that goes on forever!!!
On the right is the huge tree that is in the center of the town it is about both of our arm lengsths long, and on the left is me and Jacob climbing up the path that we think goes all the way from Macrenezia all the way down to Volos but we didn't go all the way down.
On the left is a picture of me and dad at the "Art Cafe" in Macrenezia. On the right is a lot of meat on a big spit.
This is a picture of the village and the road from the top of Macrenezia. on the right is mommy with one of the cool tile roofs which are made of rock. They are just made of rock tiles that are put one on top of another
These are some pictures of the fruits on the left and the honey on the right.
Here are some more pictures of Macrenezia itself, spread all up the hillside.
 Makrinitsa was a great place to lounge away a beautiful sunny day!

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