Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Awesome Research News!

The NSERC (Natural Science & Engineering Research Council) research funding decisions came out today. This is the "bread and butter" funding for Canadian university scientists and that we rely on for getting any research done. I first received a 5 year (they can give you from 0-5 years) grant in 2002 for $19K/y. Then I got it renewed (75% success rate, likely but certainly not guaranteed) in 2007 for $20K/y. Today, I got news that it's renewed for a full 5 years at DOUBLE the amount, $40K/y! 
To add to the terrific news, Brock has just informed me last week that, for the second 5-year term of my Canada Research Chair, they're going to use $20K/y from the money they receive to fund my CRC and give it to me as an additional research grant, so my lab's funding has essentially tripled!
To say that I'm thrilled beyond belief is quite the understatement! Celebrated with dinner at Yiannis Koutedakis (Dean of the Sport Science Department here in Trikala).