Monday, 2 April 2012

Cutting-Edge Cycling!

It's almost here - book #2 of my career, all about the science of cycling! Published by Human Kinetics, the biggest exercise publisher in the world (and also the publisher for my Advanced Environmental Exercise Physiology textbook in 2010), it's arriving back from the printers and will be on the bookshelves in April!
The wheels for this book actually started in motion WAAAY far back. As some of you know, I've been writing and editing the Toolbox sport science section on Well, I first started cataloging all my articles prior to my first sabbatical in 2004! My buddy Graham Jones then started hovering over my shoulders summer 2005. I finally put together a proposal and sold it to Human Kinetics in late 2008, then recruited renowned coach Hunter Allen in early 2009 as a co-author.
Anyways, it's a long time but it's almost here and we're all really thrilled with the end product! Hunter and I have tons of promotional stuff going on, and I'll actually be heading back across the pond for two weeks in April to do book promotion with Hunter in Virginia and then a bunch of book signings in southern Ontario. Have gigs lined up for the Forest City Velodrome in London, the big Paris-Ancaster ride/race, the Midweek Cycling Club training race, and my own St. Catharines CC back in Niagara. Should be fun!

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