Thursday, 19 April 2012

Easter Sunday

Sunday April 15th was Orthodox Greek Easter Sunday. This is a big holiday in Greece. The school children have 2 weeks off school and  many people have extended holidays. The month before Easter, many people will fast from eating meat but on Easter Sunday all that is cast off. Many Greeks will go to church daily the week before Easter. Friday evening they will go to a service with candles and singing songs about the death of Christ and afterwards make a procession in the streets. Saturday night at mid-night they will again go and this time they bring home the candles still burning and use them to make a cross mark on the doorposts of their houses and bring the light into each room in the house.

Sunday tends to be all about the food. We biked to church on Sunday morning and all the way there we saw lambs turning on spits in almost everyone's yard. The smells were delicious. After church we stopped at our friend's to say hello as they were hand turning their 2 lambs on the spit.

We had lunch with the Dinas family. Mr. Dinas was up early getting the fire going and prepared. They roasted a lamb and "kokoritzi" - liver wound up with intestines roasted on the spit.  Mr. Dinas has an electric rotisserie so once he got things going they steam rolled ahead and everything cooked quickly with the hot fire.

There were 17 all together for dinner. Petros and his 2 brothers and their families and children, his parents and us. We had a lovely meal with lamb, potatoes, salad, bread, cheese dip, feta, and more lamb.   We also had an Easter egg hunt for the children and of course that was a success.

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