Monday, 16 April 2012

Sharp Sharp and Pointy

When we went to the island at Ioannina we went to the hidden school, then to Ally Passa's house where he went to hide from the Turks but he was on the second floor and the Turks went beneath him and shot him from underneath then they took his body down the stairs and beheaded him and sent his head to the Sultin in Constantinople (left).
Then we walked to the dock and me and Zach bought some knives then we went onto the boat and sailed home to the castle.
Oh and here's my latest befunky design!

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  1. I always love yours and Zach's posts. To the point and loaded with fun, cabalistic historical facts:-) You have no idea how THRILLING it was to read you went to the docks, procured weapons then sailed home to the castle. THAT IS THE BEST BOY DAY EVER!!! Be Funky forever!! (Next photo assignment - KNIVES IN INSANELY OBSCURE PLACES)