Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Pond Hopping

After about 36 h of travel (bus to Thessaloniki, city bus, taxi to hotel, early taxi and 18 h of 3 flights), I've made it to Bedford, Virginia, right next to the Blue Ridge Parkway. I'm here because Cutting-Edge Cycling is now officially published, and my co-author Hunter Allen and I are signing about 1000 copies of the book that we're direct selling.

So we spent all of Monday getting carpal tunnel syndrome from autographing 1000 books, along with stuffing envelopes, sticking stamps, etc., all helped by the Allen clan. I never did come up with a clever signature, so stuck with my chicken scratch signature in the name of efficiency!
So this is a new experience. Usually, the family stays in North America while I run off to Europe for research. This time, I've left the family behind in Europe while I run off to North America for business! It was certainly a culture shock being back in North America. It's night and day different, especially compared to a small rural Greek town like Trikala. I've become so used to the Euro way of life that this all seems very foreign to me. Actually understanding the language is also completely jarring in a somewhat strange way, as I've become accustomed to hearing but not completely understanding. Anyway, Bedford is a nice stereotypical American small town of about 8,000. More to come!

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