Monday, 9 April 2012

Greek Dining

A few different dining experiences over the past couple of weeks. First up on the left is our regular cafeteria lunches with the Erasmus Masters students (Shane from Ireland in green, Hussein from Iran, Joseph & Luke from Ethiopia). When it's nice we'll sit out in the gazebos with our adopted stray dog, whom Shane named "Flopodopolous" sprawled nearby.
Being the amazing hostess that she is, Debbie threw a dinner party for Petros and his parents from downstairs, along with Nick/Litsa and their parents Giorgos/Paraskevi. Not bad fitting 11 into the small apartment, with lots of good food, company, and leftovers. The boys were awesome at helping throughout the prep and also as waiters. Paraskevi especially adores the boys, which comes across loud and clear whether you know Greek or not!
Then we were also invited to Giorgos and Christina's (Danna and Molly's parents) house in the old city part of Trikala for dinner. Lots and lots of interesting old stone and otherwise unique houses in the area. I really like that yellow house.
And of course, it's almost impossible to go wrong with pita gyros! These are the Volos version, with ketchup, mustard, and tzatziki - all complete no-no's for Cretans like Andreas!

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