Tuesday, 12 June 2012

7 Trains and a Bus

Zachary, Jacob and I are off on a 4 day road trip to Germany. We are going to see our friends from Canada who have qualified for the First Lego League Robotics finals in Mannheim, Germany.  We are traveling to Germany today and will visit with them at the competition on Friday and Saturday and also  visit the cities of Heidelberg and Mannheim.

Our trip itinerary today involved a city bus and 7 trains. We even managed to make 2 connections that were 4 minutes.  If you want a geography exercise for today, see if you can find all these connections:

Amersfoort - Ede-Wageningen
Ede-Wageningen - Nijemegen
Nijemegen - Venlo (this is the border town between Netherlands and Germany)
 Venlo - Monchengladbach
Monchengladbach - Koln  (Cologne)
Koln -  Mannheim
Mannheim - Heidelberg

Check out our upcoming blogs from Mannheim, Heidelberg and the Lego Robotics competition.

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