Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Robo, Robo, Robo, Robots!

This weekend we went to Mannheim Germany for a Lego Robotics competition. We have friends from Canada who were actually competing (Their name was the Robo - Raptors) and they got a trophy for the second best programming design of their robot. The name of the 2012 First Lego League theme was "Food Factor."
 Here are some pictures of the winning team's robot attachments. When you buy the Robotics kit you get the "Brick," 2 light sensors and 3 motors. The brick is like the hard drive that you put all of your programming into.
 Some teams made little games like here this swiss team made a gun out of lego parts that shot small pieces of lego. You had to shoot an apple off of a hat to get a swiss Chocolate! (Not a real apple though.)
 Here on the right is part of the course that the robots have to go through. The robots have to drop a pile of things on the table with the flower (They lose points if they drop things on the ground or miss things,) they also have to drop things in the sink, they have to catch the black ring and take it back to home base, and in the 2 other things that are alike are germs which they have to catch or they lose 20 points. On the left is an electronic stamper that a Japanese team made.
No matter what the sport coaches always like to sleep! Here on the left is a Canadian coach from the other Canadian team, sleeping of course! On the right is a robot that was brought by a team to the competition.
On the left is a picture of one of the coaches from the Denmark team. On the right is a picture of a guy's hat who actually had the business card of the owner of the Lego,(the business card is the Lego man, on the front is his name and on the back is his phone number and email) Now how cool is that!?
On the left is an electric windmill one of the 5 teams from the netherlands made, and on the right is a picture of a lego smarties sorter made by one of the 2 Norwegian teams. The smarties sorter sorted them by colour using a colour sensor. When the smartie goes under the colour sensor the colour sensor, the sensor dumps it in the right bucket, (but it didn't really work.)

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