Thursday, 14 June 2012

Lego Robotics Competition

From June 7-10 we went to Mannheim Germany to see our friends the Ferriers, who had made a Lego robotics team called the Robo-Raptors. On June 7 we took 7 trains, and got to Mannheim Germany then we found the man we were renting the apartment from (he was pretty friendly) and then he showed us the apartment and we went and got some pita gyros and bubble tea (very cultural dinner I call it.)

Then on June 8 we went to Heidelberg and Zach got a nice hat then we went to mannheim and we found the place where the competition was, it was right beside the water tower. on the first day there was the presentation the core values and the competition. On the second day there was just the competition and in the finals it was China vs Japan and they played each other twice, on the first round China got about 260 and Japan got 96 on the second round china got 200 and some thing and japan got 100 and something, you could see that Japan was really flustered. At the end of the competition all the players from the teams were trading T-Shirts and things. then we went out for dinner with the Ferriers and had pizza then we went home. June 10 today we went on 6 trains and got home to Netherlands safely.

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