Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Ambling in Amsterdam

We have so far spent 2 days in Amsterdam - on the first day we went to the Nemo Science Centre (see Jacob's blog), the Van Gogh Museum, the National Museum (Rijksmuseum) and the Anne Frank house, and the second day we went to the Nemo again, the Maritime Museum and the Jewish Children's Museum.

Amsterdam is a great city to visit. All roads and trams seem to lead back to the Central Railway Station, there are lots of direction signs. The canals are lovely to walk along.

One great thing about the Netherlands is that you can buy a Museum card for a year that gives you unlimited entrance to many of the museums in the Netherlands (Rijksmuseum on the left).

For us, that is so much better than buying a city card and trying to cram in as many museums as possible in 2 or 3 days. Even better, it allowed us to skip the LONG line waiting at the Van Gogh Museum. Unfortunately, it didn't help us with the big crowds inside. Lots of sightseeing still leads to pretty sleepy boys though!

Look for upcoming blogs on these individual museums...

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