Thursday, 28 June 2012

Van Gogh Museum

Our museum cards paid off for us the day we went to the Van Gogh Museum. They allowed us to skip the line of about 45 minutes. Unfortunately, that didn't help much when we got to the crowded exhibit halls and had to strain to get close to see the paintings. I would love to go again on a less busy day and be able to enjoy them a little more. is a good resource on Van Gogh, though it's not affiliated with the museum I believe.

The museum had a well designed picture hunt and tour for the children that got them looking carefully at the paintings. The museum was designed to group paintings into the different periods of Van Gogh's life.  After being there, we watched a 2 1/2 video series all about Van Gogh's life and it was so neat to be able to saw of the painting discussed in the video "we've seen that one!"

It would be so hard to pick a favourite painting out of so many - Van Gogh's bedroom is very striking with the bright colours and personal material, the irises are amazing, different sunflowers, blossoms, harvest fields - they are all very compelling.


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