Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Amazing News in Archaeology!

Bet you never knew that the Innu once inhabited Crete! They must have decided that it was too hot here and moved to a cooler climate!

Handstands on the way up to the Venetian fortress at Rethimnos. Daddy wanted us closer, but the rocks were WAY too hot!
Yesterday we went to the pool for 1 hour then we went with Andreas to a small city called Rethimno. At a museum we went to, he bought a mouse pad that had the Pfaistos disk on it. After that we walked around the city and went to the fortress and the harbor. After Rethimno, we went to a beach that Andreas has never gone to before. We played with the rackets and there were lots of nibbly fish (there is actually a place where you can go to and pay to have the fish nibble of the dead skin on your hands and feet). Daddy didn't like the fish. After the beach we went up a mountain to Andreas' fathers village and we had dinner there.

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  1. Nice rock cairns!! So what is the information you are trying to let fellow travelers know when they come across your Innu trail markers? is it about the angry octopus who does not want to be poked? Maybe it is about the nibbly fish!! Did the fish eat all of Jaybob's fingers off? Just wondering since he does not write any blogs = ha ha!! So is all your dead skin gone? You must be very smooth now:-) No callouses!! Tonight I went out for dinner with friends and I ordered tentacles. They did not look nearly as good as the ones you have been eating. I want to see hand stands with tentacles in your mouths!!!! Your dad sure likes to post a lot of topless photos of Andreas up on the blog. I thought this might become a Star Wars travel blog but maybe it is a bear blog. oxoxxo