Saturday, 30 July 2011

Lake Noklevann

This is a video at Lake Noklevann. We're building up Olaf's canoe and taking it here today. He's threatening to bring the tent, mosquito nets, and SCUBA gear, so I don't know what crazy adventure is to come. If we don't blog again by Tuesday...


  1. Jacob,

    Cool post. So you guys are all going on a canoe trip? If you are bringing a tent, mosquito nets AND SCUBA gear, you shoulda brought the spear guns as well. Sounds like it could come in handy. Then it really will be a "crazy" adventure.

    Keep the video blogs coming. Maybe you will have a future as a TV reporter. "This is Jacob Cheung reporting live on the scene at Lake Noklevann......" :-)

  2. The thing about that is that Olaf does not have a spear gun- it is Andreas that has the spear gun.

  3. Love video Jaybob!! It is really neat to see some live action movies of the European Star Wars Jedi Tour:-) So do you wear viking helmuts on canoes in Norway? Did Olaf make you portage through mosquito infested bogs? How come none of daddy's friends do relaxing things like painting, sculpting or playing in a jazz band? Maybe even horse back riding. But then, that would be of no benefit to you and Zachary since you both have allergies:-) Olaf may not have a spear gun but as a decendant of the Vikings he may have a big war hammer you could use to bludgeon the fish to death with. Have fun canoe pillaging!! ooxoxoxoxo Good job on the video Jaybob. Keep them coming!! Your narration is on par with David Attenborough. I sense a future documentarian in the family......