Sunday, 31 July 2011

How many PHD's?

Yesterday we stayed at the apartment till lunch time. Then we got out the canoe parts and put it together. It was put together a little bit wrong but we fixed that in a few minutes. We built the canoe while mommy was cooking pizza so ended eating the pizza after the canoe was built. Then we hauled the canoe up to the lake and canoed around the lake. We took a little detour to go around an island. But after we went around the island we went back to the middle of the lake when we got near the end of the lake there is a Tarzan rope that we sat and watched for a minute or two. Then we went on to the end of the lake and stopped there to eat and swim (but only me Jacob and Olaf swam). We had 2 years old (from daddy's and Olaf's big canoe adventure) beef and potato casserole. We also set up Olaf's hammock that he got in Australia.we could still see the CRAZY people jumping (the Tarzan place was higher than the place where we jumped). When we got back we noticed that lots of kids were playing down on the street and Olaf told us that in the summer time kids are allowed to stay up very late.
 Perhaps I look quizzical about haw to build this canoe on the left so what I really don't know haw to build this thing dad and Olaf are the masters. well here on the right is where they figure out that they did something wrong and really hoe many PHD's does it take to build a canoe.

 we had to haul the canoe to the lake (and after we had to haul it back to the apartment) so here on the right is a picture of daddy and Olaf hauling the canoe on one of Olaf's high quality gravel roads. on the left you may see that something is wrong with the canoe well the trailer that held the canoe fell in a hole on another of Olaf's high quality gravel roads.

Here is another video by Jacob.

 On the right is a picture of me with lake Noklevann behind me and on the left is a picture with the canoe.
here is Olaf with out beef and potato casserole 
here another of daddy's feet but this time they seem quite cozy in Olaf's australian hammock  
Here are some more amazing hammock pictures on the right is me reading on our kindle. on the left is a really cool picture of Jacob in the hammock with it dark behind except for light some light rays.


  1. I am getting the impression that as a guest in a Norwegian home, it is imperative that you build things and spend copious amounts of time on high quality gravel roads. It reminds me of the communist era tours in China where foreigners were forever being taken to see yet another piece of infrastructure made possible by our glorious leader. Are there any high quality paved roads in Norway? ha ha:-) So how was 2 year old beef casserole? I would have thought a casserole made two years ago would be slightly on the moldy side. Talk about keeping the left overs for future consumption!! I really liked Jaybob's video. The elbow in the foreground really gave it a European art house look. So how many PhD's are needed to build a canoe? I suppose with PhD's there is a lot of time spent constructing a workable hypothesis before building even starts followed by copious amounts of time devoted to passing the hypothesis with the ethics committee. Then there is the decision as to who's name will be first on the credits for building the canoe. You wonder how the Native Indians every managed canoe building back home:-) I think Daddy should get his own uni slipper and start doing "uni slipper feet photos around the world". The hammock photos are stunning btw. I think they are my favorites of you two so far. oxoxoxxo

  2. yes there are high quality paved roads but we always like high quality gravel roads more. It was beef and potato tee hee but it was great! but it was one you make when you want to eat it. Well it seems as if it takes about two goofy PhD's to build a canoe yes they are awesome hammock photos and for Uncle crabby I have worn my Canucks Tee shirt 2 times.

  3. Seems like a visit to Olaf's includes lots of building projects!

    I was also confused about the two year old beef and potato casserole. I also thought it would be mouldy by now. But then I realized it was casserole "in a bag". I think Olaf save it just for his special guests! Looks like the hammock is very relaxing. Are there any mosquitos at the lake?

    We have also been spending lots of time around Okanagan Lake here in Penticton. Last night we were invited to a big dinner party at a home of a Penticton anesthesiologist. His house was spectacular! It was lake front. The house had its own beach as well as dock for a speedboat. He even hired in a local favourite burger restaurant to cater the event (custom gourmet burgers...Yummmm) and also hired a great band to play for the evening. The cool thing was that the band members were all people who had other daytime jobs. One of the band member was the owner of the local bike store, the "Bike Barn"!