Thursday, 21 July 2011

Leaping Leper Colonies!

Yesterday we went to three towns and a beach. The first town was called Agios Nikolos and we walked around the lagoon there. Next we went to Golden beach. It would have been perfect for the rackets but Andreas didn't come today because he had to do something else and we forgot to ask for the rackets. After the beach, we went to the second town called Plaka. There we walked along the shore. and we could see an Island called Spinalonga, where there was a leper colony until 1957. Here's a picture of the social life in small town Greece.

More pictures from Crete

The third town was called Elounda there we had dinner which was two pita gyros and one gyros portion which had salad, gyros, pita, fries, and tzatiki. This sign shows grilled octopus in several languages. The clothespins are to hang up the octopus, but they must have all been eaten!

On the left some women are trying on furs when it's 39oC outside! There are a lot of fur shops all over Crete, seemingly catering to Russians as all the signs are in Russian. On the right there is a dried puffy puffer fish. We haven't seen any in the water yet.
Here is another handstand picture with the island of Spinalonga behind


  1. I see you still have all your fingers after the nibbly fish nor did they drop off due to leprosy:-) Your grammar and syntax have greatly improved as well. Looks like you might be ready for the BIG lego project so I better get Uncle Crabby on the bottle collecting - ha ha! Did you try on any furs for your Comic-Con Chewbaca costume? Were there any Ewok coats? Perhaps the octopi were not eaten. Perhaps they were rescued. Or at least that's how I'd like to think. I have a friend who spent time in Sicily. They eat a lot of octopus there. Boys would come up to you with an octopus in a bucket that they had caught and ask if you wanted to buy it. If you did, you could take it to a street vender and he would cook it for you. My friend felt really bad for the octopus so she would buy them and then go to the beach and let them go. Do you know octopus are like cats? They remember, they can problem solve and the can also be quite affectionate to humans. There is a nice Jacque Cousteau show about he and his crew making friends with some octopi. I will try and find it for you. So did you have a puffer fish pita? When are you going to fully embrace Greek social customs and just sit around, drink coffee and chat with friends? I haven't seen many photos of you and Jaybob just relaxing like a Greek:-) But you certainly are feasting like one!! xoxo

  2. Well we are staying up like Greeks the day we went to Chania we stayed up till 12:30. all the other days we are also coming home late(but not quite so late).

  3. 12:30!??! And Jaybob didn't have a fit? I thought he needs 19 hrs of sleep or else he turns into a Sith Lord and starts employing his high decibel Scream of Destruction power on the universe. Maybe the nibbly fish soothe him:-)

  4. No late at night he does not have fits he is just extremely cuddly. although he had a nap but woke up to steal mommy's gyros. It is more in the morning(when he is doing school)or afternoon when he has fits.

  5. Jaybob is a true artists. Hates mornings, naps in the afternoon and becomes alive and affectionate after 6pm. My kind of Jedi:-)