Thursday, 7 July 2011

Perfect Vancouver Evening

Tuesday afternoon, we dropped Mom and Dad off at the airport for their visit to Calgary, and then met Debbie at Parker Place in Richmond where she went to pick up her new funky glasses. After an obligatory bubble tea, we went to UBC to meet up with Paul and Victoria Harrison.

Together, we went for a walk through Pacific Spirit Park (UBC campus and the University Endowment Lands, and PSP are all part of a massive park and conservation area, making the campus area just beautiful), winding up with a picnic on Jericho Beach. From there, we played out in the sandbars with the low tide. The boys did a handstands shot with downtown in the background, and also a number of tumbling runs before the tide drowned out our sandbars. The youths doing tricks on the wakeboards were pretty impressed! When the tide came back, it came back in pretty darned fast! On days like today, it's hard to dispute that Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Thanks to Paul and Victoria for the truly wonderful evening!

Thanks to MaMa and YeYe for everything over the past seven weeks here in Vancouver. It was my first time really "living" in Vancouver again since moving out at the start of 1994 for my Ph.D. in Toronto, and a great chance to enjoy both the city and our time together before our world travels.

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