Sunday, 31 July 2011

My Cuddle Pal Jorgen


  1. My goodness, Jacob, you're looking very long, I mean tall.

    Jorgen. Is that Norwegian for George. It's a nice name.

    Are you staying at Oslo right now, or somewhere close to Oslo.

  2. I think you should bring Jorgen along for the rest of the trip. The two of you could be a team and do travel videos together:-) Jorgen is probably oretty bored anyway living in a PhD's house. Not much for a monkey to do except build furniture and tango. Look forward to seeing and hearing more from you all after you are done practicing human sacrifice cliff diving and walking along high quality gravel roads eating dessicated beef casserole. oxoxoxox

  3. we are south east of Oslo center.we would do a blog but we didn't have time.