Thursday, 7 July 2011

Ben's Birthday Bash

Wednesday we had gymnastics in the morning, and then in the evening went to "Fun 4 Kids" at Park Royal Mall for our cousin Ben Huskilson's birthday party. On the left is our youngest cousin Ethan Labounty, born Sept 6 2010. Ben's actual birthday is the same as mine on July 26, but in 2006, but he had the party today so that we could come along with other of his friends before people left on holidays. It was extra special because our other cousins Madeline, Natalie, and Ethan Labounty also came over from Nanaimo. Their dad Curtis and Ben/Chas's mom Michelle are Daddy's cousins, so this was the very first time that all seven of our generation's cousins met together, though 4 of us (me, Jacob, Chas, Madeline) were together in 2006 just before Ben was born.

In this picture Ben (R) and big brother Chas are eating pizza with very sweaty heads during a break in the cannon fighting. 
Daddy's cousin Curtis leading the cannon artillery
Ethan's older sisters Madeline (L) and Natalie (R)

After the party, we dropped Daddy off downtown to meet up with his ticklish friend and former undergrad honours student Joey Ojah. Joey and us always had wrestling matches at Daddy's lab parties, and we know his secret tickle spots! Joey was part of the Great Dalplex Flood with Daddy in 2004, when his lab got completely flooded thanks to 100 cm of snow falling on the inflatable Dalplex roof in one day. Joey is now a 3rd year General Surgery medical resident in Vancouver, who now "tickles people on the inside."

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