Saturday, 23 July 2011

more Archaeological discoveries!

Yesterday we went to Chania (hun-YA) and looked around a little. at one of the restaurants they were painting something and two geese fell in the paint. Then we went to the South-west side of the Island and waded to the part of the beach on Elaphonisi (Deer Island) there were a lot of sand sculptures such as sand castles and turtles. We also learned that the Egyptians lived on Crete Because we saw some pyramids and and a sphinx and I found another one. It was a great beach with Pink sand! It was also great for the paddles. To get to the beach there was a one lane tunnel through the mountain.
Lots more pictures from Chania and Elaphonisi!

more handstands in an alley and on the beach!
people at the Dr. fish spa with the nibbly fish.
here are the geese that fell into the paint.
this bus is going through the one way tunnel even though the
tunnel has a turn in the middle
on the right is a turtle that some people made out of shells they made the words we can live together. on the left is the sphinx that I found. it is so authentic that it does not even have a nose!

Family photo at the beach.