Sunday, 24 July 2011

Giro di Gyros!

After 2+ weeks in Greece, we've become culinary connoisseurs when it comes to pita gyros shops and quality. We're tried burger pitas, chicken gyros, pork gyros, with yogurt (Cretan) or tzatziki (mainland style), chicken and pork souvlaki pitas, from small villages (where the pitas are small!) and from Iraklios (massive pitas). We'll need to come back around Easter for the kalimari pitas though! At only 3EUR maximum for one, it's an easy and good all-in-one meal!

More Pictures from Crete!

Four days from flying to Norway and the unspeakable tragedy of Oslo happens. I don't think anybody can make sense of such madness. While I'm incredibly looking forward to seeing my great pal Olaf again, our mood is definitely more sombre at seeing such a beautiful city and country in mourning.

Yesterday, Andreas took us back to the beach where you had to swim to get to, with the promise that he'd spearfish us our supper. You can see how well that turned out! Fortunately, his favourite childhood pita stand was on our way home. The best pita gyros features big fat fries rather than the thin McDonalds type fries. I'm partial to either yogurt or tzatziki. Once upon a time in his youth, Andreas got into a bet with his friend and ate FIVE of these pita gyros from the shop!
We might as well get our fill of pita gyros, nutrition and health be darned, because the ones in Trikala won't be as good according to Andreas.


  1. After you have all the grease and pita cumbs on your face you need to go back to the nibbly tank and get it cleaned off!! seems this trip is digressing into one big food orgy. Isn't tzatziki and yogurt the same thing? Is one for tentacles and the other for no-seafood items? How many ice coffees are you up to in a Day Jaybob?oxoxoxox

  2. Well, considering that part of being native is taking 80+min to drink a small ice coffee, there's not enough time in the day to guzzle too many of them! Thick Greek yogurt on pitas are a Cretan variation, whereas the tzatziki (lots of garlic) is a mainland thing, where they think the Cretans are nuts and vice versa. Also, the 3 day stubble worn by the Greeks seem to help in catching all the pita crumbs! Getting squash butt from playing >1h of beach racquets a day and lunging on the sand, and getting to the level where we're spiking the ball pretty hard at each other now. Instead of ice cream trucks, there are watermelon trucks roaming the beaches.

  3. I am still waiting for the crumb face shot with the nibbly fish cleaning. Come one! Animals in the wild for symbiotic relationships like that all the time!!! And you got to admit - it would make a great YouTube video:-) I am starting to wonder if someone in your group truly is the Sith Lord. You do seem to on the verge of arrival when your destination suddenly goes wacko. But in all seriousness, BE CAREFUL. Whenever a country begins to experience difficulty, race and religions become easy targets for blame. You are a non white of privledge as are your children. Be mindful. xoox

  4. PS. Ignore my bad spelling and grammar. I rush and I have a lot of peeps to keep up with :) hahah! I think faster than I can type and my brain is always on conversation mode and not written word. xooxox

    Afterthought: You know, ever since I became a regular blog respondent the "verification" log in has become increasingly difficult. It started with a 6 character sort-of word and now I am up to a 10+ "word" that makes no sense. Last post I got "INFLACTEION". Seriously!!!! And I am getting the handicap symbol as well. I don't know if I should be insulted or flattered:-)