Sunday, 17 July 2011

First day in Crete

Our Pita Gyros
Today we went to the pool that is at our apartment instead of chlorine it has bromine we also went to a beach that is about 10 minutes away. For lunch we went to Taverna George and had Fried Calamari, Lamb and Potatoes baked in clay,and a Ham and Cheese omlette. around 2:30 our friend Andreas came and took us to another beach that had little fish that nibled on you if you stood still to long mom got bit 2 times and Andreas got bit 2 times also many people play a racket sport that is like Ping Pong with tennis balls. after the beach we went and had gelato and went and got pita gyros which are pitas with french fries and yogurt and also you can have a variety of front of our apartment there are a lot of olive trees that will be ready to be made into oil in October but right now they are just hard green ovals.


  1. Wow and Wow!

    Love those Pita Gyros. Now that's an all-in-one meal. French fries, meat and pita all rolled up in one. You've got your bases are covered. Too bad you can't find them in Canada. Maybe we should open up a food stand to sell these in Canada. I bet we would make a fortune.

  2. The Jedi Gyro Space Cafe!!! LOVE IT!! Of course, there has to be tentacles as well:-) And gelato!! I remember gyros in Greece. Mmmmmmmmm. Makes me want to go back just for the food! How long are you in Crete? It was one of my favorite islands. Lots of interesting history and cats. Did anyone loose any toes from the fish? I hope it isn't as hot in Crete as it was in Athens. Let us know who looses some toes to the fish tommorow. Maybe you and Jaybob could lie with your faces in the water and see what happens! xooxox