Friday, 15 July 2011

Our Nafplio Adventures

July 8 Friday 2011
Today we officially started our big European adventure! First we had about a 10 hour flight from Vancouver to Frankfurt after that we had 4 hours to wait .then a 4 hour flight from Frankfurt to Athens at our gate in Frankfurt the Lufthansa line that had a flight before ours (which is Aegean) had a coffee machine so me and Jacob( it is his birthday today!) had Hot chocolates and Mom and Dad had coffee.
July 10 Sunday 2011
Today we arrived in Napflio. We came by bus and it took about 3 hours. First thing we did was find the beach (after we put our stuff in the hotel) with Shawnda. We met her friend Adam and wrestled every day at the beach while dad was at the conference (where Adam was also supposed to be) that night we went on a boat cruise organised by daddy’s conference from 8:30 till midnight.

July 13 Wednesday 2011
Today we went to two museums. The first was the Pellaponese Folklore museums the second was the War museum. After that we had lunch with some of our friendsGeneral Marco and General Veronica that night we stormed the Bourtzi castle (which used to be a dungeon) on an Island so we had to shuttle the troops over by boat. We took the castle at unawares so the gate was open and the castle was easily taken when we got back the others officers and I made our battle plans for the next day while we had Jelato.

July 14 Thursday 2011
Today with the hope that we could take Palamidi castle at unawares also. Unfortunately after Bourtzi they were keeping a closer watch we had to climb the 999 stairs to the castle as well as count them (because we decided not to go up the road). We also hauled up a battering ham to break down the door then when we got inside the castle all the troops got lost but we finally took the castle and climbed down the stairs in victory and went to the beach to celebrate our second victory in a row. For more celebration we went to the conference banquet and went to the beach there and fought with Adam. our appetite is weird when there is food we will eat it even though we may not be very hungry whenwe are full we are also not full.

July 15 Friday 2011
Today we are moving the troops to the island of Crete we took the bus to Athens(which also took about 3 hours) where General Stephen met his good friend Fagin after that we got on the ferry which took 8 hours


  1. THE JEDI QUEEN IS IMPRRESSED!! It was great to read your entries Zachary!! Your writing is extremely sophisticated for a 10 year old!!! It looks like you have been keeping some kind of journal since the start of the trip. Is Jaybob doing it as well? Uncle Crabby and I are really excited to hear more for you, Jaybob and your mom. I am sure the three of you get into much more trouble with the "battering ham" than you are letting on:-) No one would suspect two young padowins and their mother with a giant ham trying to take over Greece - ha ha. I hope Adam isn't Jewish because if he is, the giant battering ham could cause him a lot of problems.....Uncle Crabby and I think it is great that Adam skipped out and went to the beach with you. Uncle Crabby said if he was there and it as 40 Celsuis, he would skip out too and just lay in the water eating jelato and drinking ice coffee. So was there 999 steps? Who had to carry the battering ham up all those stairs? Did your dad do any experiments on the effects of extreme heat in carrying a giant ham up 999 stairs? Your journey today sounds V-E-R-Y long. You must be tired. Not too tired to eat lots of calamari I hope. Greece is the land of tentacles!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WRITING!!! Tell mom and Jaybob we want to hear from them too!!! oxoxoxxoxoxo

  2. Yes, I am also interested. Did you actually count 999 steps? I think I would have lost count in the heat. Imagine having to go back to the bottom to start counting all over again!!!

    I think the Jedi Queen is having dreams about the giant ham. Maybe good for split pea soup!

    BTW, I also had calamari for dinner tonight. You probably have fresher calamari. I think it might be the national dish of Greece! So have lots of tentacles while you are there!!!