Thursday, 28 July 2011

Bombs away!

First off, here's something stupid that we did this morning with Olaf and Daddy (video by Jacob)...

Yesterday daddy and Olaf went for a run which was supposed to take 20 minutes unless they found one of Olaf's "high quality gravel roads." They must have found one of those high quality gravel roads because they were gone for about 40 minutes and Daddy said the only thing missing was a loaded canoe compared to their last crazy trip together. After that we stayed at Olaf's apartment until after lunch then we started by going to the Holmenkollen ski jump.

Holmenkollen and Vigeland Pics!

Here is the ski jump people go at about 130 kmh - ski jumping is a huge sport in Scandanavia. Olaf said that about 100,000 people would watch it each time it was open. As you can see it was made with no support (except at the base) near the top.
This is what the skiers see before they get knocked out. There are no bathrooms at the top because they wouldn't need it.  Daddy would crack more than his snowboard helmet if he skied down there and who knows nobody has ever tried snowboarding down here.

Here are some more handstands at Vigeland Park. At the park there are 212 statues on the left there is the fountain on the base there is men holding up the bowl. On the right is an obelisk with people the bottom person must have died a few times and the pile must have also tipped a few times while posing.
The sculpture on th right is daddy's favourite with the two babies on one arm one on the other and one on he's foot. on the left is me and Olaf with the park behind us.

On the left is a picture of daddy trying on Olaf's Monoslippers and on the right we are all having dinner together on Olaf's new furniture. We brought the heat from Greece because it is the hottest day of the year and Olaf forced daddy to put sunscreen on him because he made up an excuse that he was going to be holding his big expensive camera all the time.

Daddy's Note: (Please send in comments directly from the blog here to anything you see on the site. Zachary works really hard to keep it updated, and we would love to hear from all of you about anything you see!)

Daddy's Note: In Scandinavia, cross country skiing, ski jumping, and biathlon are like hockey in Canada in terms of popularity. At Holmenkollen, there is also a ski museum, outlining the history of ski jumping and the development of skis through the ages. Part of it is a hall of fame for Norwegian skiers, with this whole display shown here of personal skis from famous skiers. Being the open society that Norway is, none of the skis are kept locked away under glass. There were also displays of different types of skis, and the boys were amazed at how the snow jumping skis are over 3 m tall. Another exhibit showed the history of Norwegian royalty and skiing.
The plaque and skis belong to Bjorn Daehle, who won more Olympic winter medals than any other athlete in history during the 1990s.