Wednesday, 27 July 2011

First day in Oslo

Yesterday was my 11th birthday! We had our flight at 5:15 in the morning when we got to Norway Olaf picked us up and we went to the apartment. first we went to the grocery store then we came back we had breakfast and had a nap. after the nap (which for Jacob was 4 hours) we built some furniture with Olaf (Jacob slept through that part) which was two chairs one sofa and one table. they were all very hard to build because the screws didn't always line up. after the furniture we went to the lake and walked along the lake a little bit. when we got back we ordered birthday pizza and then we played canasta.

Our Flickr Norway Album!
on the right is the furniture that we built and on the left is me daddy and Olaf on the sofa.

at the lake here there is a place that if you are a member you can borrow kayaks, paddle boards, (as in the picture) and also row boats this place is well used because in the hour or so we were at the dock about 2 dozen boats left the dock.

on the right is one of Daddy's feet pictures and on the left is a little toad. as you can see it is a very small toad.