Monday, 25 July 2011

Unpuffed puffer fish (porcupine fish)

Today we started by going to the aquarium, NOT with the speargun! there were a lot of unusual animals including silver cheeked toad fish(like a puffer fish without spikes). there were also octopus(Jacob thought the fake octopus on the front of the building looked like tentacles with a peanut on top), jelly fish, lobsters and lots more.  when we were walking home we went along the water and it was very wavy so even though we were on a wall we were being hit by the surf.when we got home we went to the pool and packed our stuff because we are leaving tomorrow at 5:15 in the morning. So we hung out with Andreas and stayed up all night. Then Andreas took will take us to the airport between 12:00 and 1:00.
a shame faced crab
sting ray
on the left there is a sand shark and on the left is a sand bar shark
a logger headed turtle
Puffer fish 
us with Andreas' spear gun

our daily gyros
 yesterday at 4:00 we left the apartment with Andreas and went to a beach there we played rackets and then we played canasta with Andreas(daddy didn't play). Jacob and I were on a team and Andreas and mommy were on a team. one turn Jacob took two cars instead of one the extra card he picked up was a Joker(a wild card).
in these pictures we are waiting for our gyros. it was funny because the waiter didn't even speak Greek! after the gyros we had a crepe with chocolate and biscuits this was also funny because he forgot the biscuits.


  1. So what was the shame faced crab ashamed about? Was his crab fly open? I see you and Jaybob have moved on from light sabers to spear guns. Looks like Canasta and killing sea creatures are a requirement for Greek Jedis along with drinking 14 expresso shots a day and gorging on pitas:-) So what happens when you get the Joker card in Canasta? Is it like the short straw on the lifeboat? xoox

  2. Maybe it was uncle crabby ashamed about not commenting! The joker is a wild card and is worth 50 points because there is only 4.

  3. Touche Zachary!! I will administer 50 lashings tied to the main mast as per the pirate code to Uncle Crabby for not keeping up on his posts! xoxo