Friday, 1 July 2011

Visas Approved!

Cool homeschooler!
At long last, the happy news we've been waiting for on pins and needles the past two months - we got news this morning that our residency permits for Finland have been approved and are on their way! I called late last night yet again to beg/plead/cajole them to finally look at our application. What a relief considering we've had to take a gamble and book our flights to Greece for July 8 a week ago to make sure we get to ICEE on time! Of course, from out of the frying pan and potentially into the fire, Athens is currently rocked by mass riots due to government austerity bills to avert another economic collapse there.

Zachary and his grammar games.
Today's also the last day of June 30, which means that it's the last day of my "pre-sabbatical" sabbatical, as I'm officially on leave beginning July 1! We spent the day geocaching around Burnaby Lake, finding 6 geocaches. We then went to the sports field to throw the Aerobie around without any risk of getting it stuck in trees. Last evening at Rummel Park, we ended up getting it caught about 25 feet up a tree. Unbelievably, the family right across the street had a 25 foot retractable pole that we used to retrieve the Aerobie. How lucky was that?

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  1. I have just spend the last 2 hrs soothing Uncle Crabby over the potential loss of his beloved areobie. If the eccentric lady with the 25 ft retractable pole had not been there to retrieve it I fear Uncle Crabby would have ballooned to 300 lbs from comfort eating of brownies and pecan pies. Well my young padowins, Greece will be your first test in a real life choice between the dark and the light. Be sure to travel at all times with visine and ice water for those times you find yourself in the frays of a democratic uprising. Know all the words to "We Shall Overcome" and always remember - a horse will NEVER trample on a human being so feel free to lay prostate on the steps of the Greek Parliment in support of those less fortunate Jedis in Athens. HANDSTANDS FOR FREEDOM FROM THE FREEDMAN MODEL OF CAPITALISM!!! Long Live Emperor John Maynard Keynes!!